Tuition and Fees

All fees are to be made by check or money order, payable to Sumner Cooperative Preschool unless paid through your Jovial Portal.

Non-refundable Registration Fee: $60 per child

Annual Tuition:

Yellow-Toddlers Class: $585 (payable as nine monthly payments of $65)

Red-Juniors Class: $720 (payable as nine monthly payments of $80)

Purple- Juniors Class: $765 (payable as nine monthly payments of $85)

Blue-PreK Class: $900 (payable as nine monthly payments of $100)

Sibling discount: When two siblings are enrolled, the second sibling will receive a 10% discount on tuition.

Note: Monthly payments are made September through May. A 10% discount is offered to families paying the entire year's tuition in September. September's tuition (or the year's tuition) and the cleaning and fundraising deposits will be due on Orientation Night.

Bates Quarterly* Fees:

Yellow-Toddlers Class: $31.14

Red-Juniors Class: $31.14

Purple- Juniors Class: $31.14

Blue-PreK Class: $46.68

*Paid in October, January and April


Cleaning - $50

Fundraising - $75

Deposit checks will be collected at orientation. Your cleaning check will be returned upon completion of your assigned cleaning day. Your fundraising deposit will be returned upon participation in our spring fundraising event.


Temporary Scholarships up to 50% off tuition are available for those that qualify. To apply for a scholarship, download the form from the Forms and Docs page, or contact our treasurer at