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Sumner Co-op is a nut-free school. To best meet the health and safety needs of everyone we require all snacks be free of tree nuts and peanuts. Labels that list tree or peanuts in their ingredients as well as products processed or manufactured in the same facility should be excluded from snacks provided.

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Covid-19 Guidelines
Member Handbook
Board & Committee Positions
Parent Education Credits
Developmental Guide
Bates Technical College
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  • President - Breanna Pollard
    Presides over all meetings
    Keeps records of binding documents
    Updates teacher contracts & facilitate signing
    Liaison between Christ the King Lutheran and SCP Board
    Has discretion to close SCP for an emergency
    Manages membership Healthy & Safety correspondence
    Participates as a member of Scholarship Committee
    Oversees smooth functioning of committees
    Maintains resume of duties and activities for committees

  • Vice President/Membership - Kelsey Nelson
    Manages registration and waiting list for enrollment
    Maintains roster for all classes
    Responds to voicemail messages left for SCP
    Coordinates tours of prospective families
    Assumes President's responsibilities as necessary

  • Treasurer/Co-Treasurer - Rosie Peine & Carrie Craig
    Maintain a complete set of books
    Submit complete financial statements at Board Meetings
    Have all financial records in order for audit
    Collect and deposit monthly tuition and any additional monies
    Propose budget to Board for approval
    Maintain balance for emergency reserve account
    Participates as a member of the Scholarship Committee

  • Fundraising/Co-Fundraising - Molly Seeley & Virginia Zinna
    Research and present new fundraising ideas to Board
    Keep accurate account of fundraising activities
    Coordinate fundraising events with Fundraising Committee
    Heads end of year auction with help from all Fundraising Committee members
    Manages all correspondence to membership regarding fundraiser activities