Board & Committee Positions

Each enrolled family is required to hold either a Board or Committee Position.  There will be a sign up sheet at Orientation in September, any families not signed up by the start of school will be assigned a position. 

Board positions


Preside over all meetings.  Be an official representative of the school.  Keep records of binding documents.  May co-sign checks.  Oversee teacher and site contract.  Act as liaison between church (the landlord) and preschool board.  Break a tie vote.  Be responsible for carrying on the progress of preschool.  Have the discretion to close the preschool for an emergency.  Have regular working days, but shall also be required to visit all classes at least twice a year to observe.  Participate as a member of the Scholarship Committee.  Appoint committee chairpersons.  Oversee the smooth functioning of the standing committees.  Maintain a resume of duties, which will include a calendar of school activities, performed during the year to help the incoming officer assuming the role in the succeeding year.

Vice President

Attend all board meetings.  Assume President's responsibilities as necessary.  Manage registration and maintain a waiting list using Jovial. Answer the school’s phone calls and emails. Be present when a prospective member comes to observe a class, or must arrange for another board member to be present in his/her stead.  Provide Bates with a current list of all registered families and provide preschool membership with an updated roster for all classes.  Maintain the medical emergency file at the preschool.  Maintain a resume of duties performed during the year to help the incoming officer assuming the role in the succeeding year. 


Attend all board meetings.  Take minutes at all meetings and make minutes available to general membership within one week.  Be responsible for all necessary preschool correspondence.  Type the contract for the teacher hired by the board and, as needed, school business for officers (i.e. memos).  Keep an inventory of the preschool.  Maintain a resume of duties performed during the year to help the incoming officer assuming the role in the succeeding year.

Treasurer &      Co-Treasurer

Attend all board meetings.  Maintain a complete set of books and submit complete financial statements at regular meetings.  Have books ready to be audited by June 30th.  Pay all authorized outstanding bills, salaries, insurance and taxes (all checks are to be co-signed by the President).  Collect and deposit monthly tuition and all other money.  Present a proposed budget for approval to the board before the spring board meeting.  Keep a separate emergency reserve account maintaining a balance at all times which is approximately one month's expenses.  Act as chairperson of the Scholarship Committee.  Purchase any gift necessary as directed by the board vote.  Maintain the Treasurer's Notebook for the incoming officer assuming the role in the succeeding year.

Fundraising & Co-Fundraising 

Attend board meetings.  Research and present new fundraising ideas to membership.  Keep accurate account of all fundraising activities.  Coordinate fundraising events with the board.  Organize and plan fundraising duties with Fundraising Assistants.  Coordinate with Publicity Chairperson for fundraising events.

Class Representatives

Attend board meetings and serve as a liaison between class members and Board.  Arrange and distribute monthly participation schedule for parents in the class.  (Schedules are to include parent working days, children's special days, membership and board meetings, parenting education meetings, field trips and special activities during the month as well as a list at the bottom of the schedule with additional details for the month's activities.)  Post a copy of the schedule in the front entry and give copies of/e-mail the schedule to class members.  Inform secretary to send cards (get well, etc.) to families in their class as needed.   

If you'd be interested in joining the board for the next school year, please Contact Us

Committee Positions

Cleaning Coordinator

(2 people)   Maintain and coordinate schedule for monthly all-classroom cleanings to fully sanitize all washable school items and clean carpets as necessary.  This includes making reminder calls/emails and flyers, distributing cleaning procedures and checklists to parents prior to cleaning, meeting parents at the school on the cleaning day, posting cleaning dates in the newsletter and reporting non-participating families to the board. 

Health and Emergency Preparedness Chair

(2 people) 

Housekeeping Committee

Teacher's Assistant

(1 person per Teacher)   Help teacher prepare classroom materials as needed, which will vary, but may include purchasing project supplies (and being reimbursed by the preschool).  Use class-designated digital camera to capture moments in class, on field trips, and during special events throughout the year.  E-mail or have photos printed as requested by parents or teacher.


(3 people)

Maintenance Committee

(3 people)

Special Events Committee

Easter Egg Hunt

(5 person) Plan and execute publicity efforts for the year, which include publicizing open enrollment and special events open to the public (i.e. spring fundraising auction or trike-a-thon), using a variety of channels including posted flyers, newspaper ads, publicity events, etc.  Plan and attend Easter Egg Hunt concession stand. Present annual plans to board for budget approval.

Book Orders

(1 person) Print appropriate number of letters (include due date and school code to order online), sort, staple and distribute appropriate number of booklets to class boxes. Post signs in cubby room regarding when book orders (Scholastic, See Saw & Fire Fly) are due.  Collect money and place orders if not ordered online. Distribute books when orders arrive. Track bonus points. Speak to teachers to ask if there are certain books they would like to have and place bonus point order for school library. 

Play Dough

(5 people, 1 per class)  Provide new play dough every month coordinating with the Teachers to match colors and scents with upcoming themes. Playdough should be separated into individual ziploc baggies, labeled with students name.

Supply Purchaser

(1 person) Inventory, purchase and stock general supplies each month as needed per the supply request sheet. Stock all supplies in their proper location. Submit receipts to Treasurer for reimbursement.

Substitute Teacher

(1 person per class) Substitute for the Teacher when needed.  Attendance at the substitute workshop by Bates Technical College as well as a current First Aid & CPR card are required.

Parent Ed Tracker

(1 person)  Keep track of each family's parent ed credits in the provided spreadsheet and report them to Bates instructor upon request.

Fundraising Assistants

(5+)  Assist Fundraising Chairperson as needed to plan and organize fundraisers throughout the year. This also includes the end of year auction. You will assist with organizing & disperse items, setup, breakdown, etc

Bulletin Board

(2) Maintain and update preschool bulletin boards as requested by Teachers and the Board bi-monthly. Update the bulletin boards in the art room according to the monthly theme by the fifth of each month. Borders are available in the garage and butcher paper can be acquired at Bates either by the committee member or the teacher (please give the teacher any requests before the monthly teacher meeting.) Freshen up bulletin boards in the entry room as needed. Each person  will update the board bi-monthly. Dimensions of bulletin board 22½ x33 ¾. ing.) Freshen up bulletin boards in the entry room as needed.

Makit Plates

(1 person)Scan MakIt plate pages for the entire school. Input scans in our account via their website. Notify the president when they are ready for purchase. Must have a quality scanner.