Parent Education Credits

Parent education credits are required as part of the Co-op Preschool affiliation with Bates Technical College

Each school year parents must earn eight Parent Education credits for the school year or the equivalent of one credit per month. Parent Education credits may be earned beginning the night of Parent Orientation until the last day of school, unless noted otherwise.

How Do I Earn Parent Education Credits?

There are many ways to earn your parent education credits!

  1. Attend Orientation Night (mandatory); Maximum of two (2) credits per family if both parents/alternative representative attend.

  2. Attend Parent Training (mandatory); Maximum of two (2) credits per family if both parents/alternate representative attend.

Note: risk management requires that each parent working in the classroom must be trained. Adults cannot be scheduled to work in the classroom until they have taken parent training. Working in the classroom is a mandatory obligation

  1. Attend Co-op Family Events. (Holiday parties, family game nights etc.) Earn one (1) credit per event.

  2. Attend your school's fundraising events. One (1) credit per event

  3. Attend Parent Education Meetings. Earn one (1) credit for each Bates Parent Education Seminar that you attend.

  4. Attend your board officer workshop (if you are a board member) sponsored by Bates Technical College. Earn one (1) credit per year.

  5. Successfully complete your board or committee position for the year. Earn one (1) credit per year. (serving on a committee or board is mandatory)

  6. Attend a board meeting as a visitor. One (1) credit.

  7. Attend a Parent Education meeting at another Cooperative Preschool. One (1) credit.

  8. Attend a Daytime Parent Education meeting (offered at the preschool during school hours). Each meeting counts as one (1) credit per family.

  9. Share an educational experience with the class (i.e. teach a special art project, music program, share your job: nurse, firefighter, police officer, etc.) one (1) credit.

  10. Attend a parent/teacher conference. One (1) credit.

  11. Visit the Bates Resource Center. Earn one (1) credit per year

  12. Attend a Parent Education Event sponsored by a community agency. Earn a maximum of one (1) credit for a series of classes. (Example: Love & Logic, The Incredible Years, or Ready! for Kindergarten classes)

  13. Contribute to the school's monthly newsletter. Earn one (1) credit.