Upcoming Events:

Play Park dates for new, returning and alumni families:
    July 16th at 10:00am at Loyalty Park (516 Boyd Ave, Sumner 98390)

    August 21st at 11am at Pioneer Park - enrolled families will pick-up their            registration packets at this time

Start of the school year:
    September 10th at 6:30pm - Parent Orientation 
    September 11th RED class parent training at 9:30am  
                                  - GREEN class parent training at 12:30pm
    September 12th - YELLOW class parent training at 9:15am 
                                  - BLUE class meet the teacher in the afternoon
    September 13th - RED class meet the teacher in the morning
                                   - BLUE class parent training at 12:15pm
    September 14th - GREEN class meet the teacher in the morning

*Parent training will take about 2 hours.

*There are no children allowed at the parent orientation or the parent training.

*For meet the teacher, you will sign-up at parent orientation for a 20 minute slot.  Bring your child at this time and other siblings are allowed.  

*There is no meet the teacher for the YELLOW class.  They will have a slow start of school the first week - where only half of the class will come each day.

We are now enrolling for the 2018-2019 school year! 
To register please Click Here to complete and submit a registration form. 
Then mail a $60 check/money order for the registration fee to:
Sumner Co-op Preschool, PO Box 295, Sumner, WA 98390.

Classes for 2018-2019
Yellow (2 by August 31st):  M/W 9:30-11:00
Red (3 by August 31st):  T/Th 9:30-11:30
Green (3 by August 31st):  T 12:30-2:30, F 9:30-11:30
Blue (4 by August 31st):  M/W/Th 12:15-2:45

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Sumner Co-op Preschool complies with all federal rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or marital status.