Book Orders

Throughout the year, Scholastic will send booklets of order forms/flyers to our P.O.Box. When they are collected from the mail, they will be put in the your class basket for you to pick-up. You separate the flyers, and then stable one of each together. You write each student's name on top of the flyers and divide them into their respective class baskets for parents to put into cubbies during the week.

Post a reminder notice (via email and/or a flyer in the cubby room) with book order due dates. Parents have ordered on-line in the past. It is easier if parents place orders every other month (Oct, Dec, Feb, and April) to keep the ordering and catalogs from overwhelming everyone. You will need to go on-line to order books for the teachers and to submit the order on the due date.

Orders are mailed to our P.O. Box. When they are picked up in the mail, they will be put in your class basket for you to sort as needed to be sure books get passed along into the correct cubbies during the week. You may want to put books in large envelopes so they get to the right person and in case any books were supposed to be gifts for the children.