Bates Technical College

Bates Child Studies Department
South Cam
pus , Bldg E
2201 South 78th Street
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Our Preschool is Affiliated with Bates Technical College

Bates Technical College provides:

  • A Home & Family Life Instructor is assigned to your school to provide assistance, consultations and parent education classes

  • Enrichment materials for the classroom

  • Referrals to community resources

  • Monthly, Teacher workshops

  • Board trainings and advisory assistance to help preschool board officers administer their school’s nonprofit organization business

  • Access to affordable insurance and guidance in maintaining a safe learning environment

  • Monthly parent education opportunities

  • Access to the Bates Technical College Resource Center, a place for teacher’s and parents to make learning activities to use with children and gather parenting information

  • Advertisements in Bates Technical College promotional materials

  • College credits earned by the parent registered in the Cooperative Preschool/Parent Education Program

  • Risk Management Trainings to help keep your preschool a safe and healthy place

  • Access to child development trainings for parents who are interested in entering the Early Childhood Education field.

Bates Technical College Supports Parent Involvement


  • Have opportunities to participate in quarterly daytime and monthly evening parent education seminars

  • Lab experience: Assist in the classroom 2-4 times a month, guiding children in discovery activities, practicing guidance techniques and learn about child development

  • Gain leadership and management skills by participating in administering the preschool’s nonprofit organization business

  • Make friends, have fun and learn skills that will help them make choices that will benefit their child’s future

Bates Technical College Supports the Children’s Learning Program

The Children’s Program:

  • Provides opportunities for discovery and creativity

  • Children develop skills that help them gain confidence and mastery over their environment

  • Encourages thinking, problem-solving and courage to try challenging tasks

  • Fosters a sense of wonder and a joyful hands-on approach to learning

  • Promotes respect for other children, adults, and the environment Challenges children at all levels of ability and respects their need to practice newly acquired skills

  • Introduces academics and the arts in a way that invites hand-on exploration - the best method for truly learning concepts and skills

  • Keeps class size small and the ratio of adults to children high to insure all children receive help and attention and provides for safe supervision

For information about Bates Technical College, Home & Family Life, Cooperative Preschool and Parent Education Program please call:
Home & Family Life Department, 253.680.7500