Mrs. Witham

Mrs. Witham has worked with preschool-age children since 1998; teaching AWANA and VBS as well as cooperative preschool classes.  In addition, she regularly attends continuing education classes through Bates Technical college.  All four of Mrs. Witham's children attended Sumner Cooperative Preschool and she was able to continue to be part of the preschool by becoming our Pre-K teacher.
Mrs. Witham's pre-K class will explore art and music, discover science, begin mastering fine motor skills for handwriting, and be introduced to reading and math skills through age-appropriate activities and lessons. Her lesson plans are designed to build listening and focusing skills for learning as well as developing social and emotional skills for self-regulation, preparing your child to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond.
"I love working with young children and their families during a time in their lives so full of learning, growth and development, and I always look forward to a new year of discoveries."
                                                            ---Mrs. Witham